Normal behaviour

Just went upstairs to check on the infant, and guess who was curled up at the end of the cot? The grey cat. Now all disconsolate looking next to the baby gym in the front room, having been turfed out of cosy baby-warmed area, which anyone can see is specifically intended for cats. Poor cats, they were my favourites for a few years and now they are at the top of my shit list. I used to cuddle them and clear up their fur balls indulgently, now all I can see is the layers of cat hair on the sofa, muddy paw prints on the kitchen surface, not to mention fleas ticks worms and other skin crawling things. And while I was pregnant, I was convinced they were carrying toxoplasmosis and touching them would cause severe birth defects in the foetus. Luckily Jason is extremely fond of them, and as soon as he sits on the sofa they pile on top of him so all that can be seen is his nose sticking up from a mass of tabby fur.

Last night I heard Jason thumping around in the loft and distracting me from my Midsomer Murders re-run. All his camping gear is now piled up in my studio. He is supposed to be going on a wild camping trip, but he’d need a land rover to carry that lot. Although compared to the amount of stuff I seem to carry round with me when I go out with Rose it doesn’t seem all that much. Despite having a bag the size of a small suitcase stuffed with nappies, barrier cream, muslins etc, I was caught out yet again this morning when Rose did a fantastically enormous poo in Starbucks. I had to get a disposal bag off one of my friends, and Rose had to come home in just dungarees and a jumper because she had got green slime nearly up to her armpits and I didn’t have a spare babygro.

Jason is off on Thursday to catch the night train up to scotland. He is peeved because there is industrial action on the railways which will prevent him from getting to some remarkably isolated bit of rock on the west coast. What a bummer. I’m a bit apprehensive about spending the weekend as a single parent (five whole nights!!!!). Went to sainsburies this pm and bought tons and tons of food, as if preparing for a siege. Which is silly really as I’m spending at least one night with my parents and thus won’t have to eat for several days afterwards.

Waiting for Rose to start wailing as she fell asleep much earlier than her normal bedtime, thus missing her last feed, and I’m afraid she’ll wake up in the middle of the night. Back to surfing the net for apartments to rent in malaga. I’m hoping to gatecrash my parents’ holiday in Spain, so that Jason doesn’t have to feel bad about having loads more holiday than me.


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