crunch crunch crunch

Baby fashion report- Rose is wearing the funkiest tights ever, silver and pink stripy.

She has found a new way to entertain herself – when she’s a bit bored, say the scenery hasn’t changed for  while, she makes a screaming sound a bit like the zombies in ‘invasion of the body snatchers’. It is incredibly high pitched and she gets more volume to it every day, through constant practice. Hope the other passengers on the plane are prepared for a baby doing zombie screams all the way to Spain.

Sorted out my accommodation and flight to Malaga online last night. Despite vowing never to do so I got tickets from Ryanair, to be on the same flight as my parents. I got a ‘special offer’ and my flight is completely free, but Rose’s ticket is £120. For which she doesn’t even get her own seat. Also I seem to have bought a priority boarding for 8 quid although I don’t remember asking for that- might have got distracted by chatting to H while doing online booking. Hopefully I remembered to un-tick the box for ‘do you un-agree not to have your first born and all subsequent children, and their children’s children, and their piggy banks (and contents therof) retained by Ryanair, and the children sold for parts on the international organ trade market?’

In the last two weeks Rose has suddenly become a real grabber: she can use her hands to purposefully pick up a toy, and rattles now have meaning to her as she can use them to deliberately make a lovely noise. I often walk into her room to find her waving her fluffy elephant around, pulling its ears apart and squeezing it to death like a python. Also found the cat again curled up round Rose’s head last night and had to silently remove said cat. I tried to convey my crossness to cat by a really hard stare but I don’t think it’s had any effect. What’s almost more exciting is that Rose’s back strength has greatly increased and she can sit up with almost no help, say on a person’s lap when they are typing on the computer. She’s getting a bit bored of that now so must stop.

Hoping Jason is having a good time on his knobbly rock in Scotland, the trains ran ok in the end so he called me from the mallaig ferry to Knoydart on Friday pm. I keep hearing severe weather warnings for north west scotland so hope that doesn’t mean he will be in any danger. Though obviously it’s fine if he gets a bit wet to teach him to take holidays without me.

Mission for today is to get Rose’s passport photos done.


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