Hello Aunt V

Hi Jason’s aunt! I am trying to put lots of detail about Rose to keep you happy as you are my only reader so far. I’m going to set my parents the test of finding this blog without any help from me, as they reckon themselves as silver surfers.

We are just about to set off to see an old friend so she can sign the back of Rose’s passport photo. She had two sets of photos done yesterday: first of all I tried to use the photo booth in the Post Office. It only gives you 3 goes to get your image right, and it’s quite hard without 3 hands as you have to hold the baby up and also press the ‘go’ button at the same time. I couldn’t really get a staff member to help and no point asking someone to leave the queue. I ended up with 4 motion-blurred photos of Rose looking sideways out of the picture, with my hands illegally visible. I complained and a member of staff gave me a refund – though she did say she would have thought it was common knowledge that you couldn’t take a photo of a baby in one of those booths (ie: I am very stupid), and sent me over the road to Snappy Snaps where they took a jolly good photo in no time. I had to hold Rose on my lap with a white blind pulled down over my face to provide the plain background. Awkward but effective.

Looking forward to Jason getting back. I just found his kit list and it was headed ‘Operation wilderness’. I guess being 8 hours walk from a town is pretty wild. The only survival tip I know is from a Bear Grylls programme: if you run out of water, you can squeeze some out of fresh elephant dung. Don’t know where Jason will get that in Scotland so hope he has plenty of water with him. Time to wake Rose up to visit M.


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