Welcome home

Jason’s due back any minute. There’s a pot of tea ready and I’ve put some rather damp Somerfield sausages on the grill to make a hero’s breakfast when he gets in. Hopefully this will help him decide he is going to pick me and rose up from Liverpool street when we get back from Spain in a few weeks.

We had a baby naming ceremony last weekend and we asked guests to write in a book some things that Rose has to look forward to in her life. Most people wrote very touching things such as ‘first glimpse of snowfall’, and ‘going to see a movie with someone you love’. One person, Jason’s friend G, wrote ‘first hangover’. I mean, how cynical can  you get, can’t you come up with just one single nice thing to put? This is a BABY we are talking about. Possibly his meaning was ‘…after a great night out’. Nonetheless I’m getting the tippex out.


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