Lipitresco we salute you

Mm it’s so nice feeling a bit tipsy. Since Rose has started going to bed fairly reliably at 8pm it’s now ok for me to have a glass of wine with my dinner. No worries about alcohol in the breastmilk and I can start back on the hard road to liver damage. Yay!

Drove to the renault garage today because our electronic keys are getting to be unreliable. Predictably they worked at the garage. Managed to find my way to Bromley by using the force as you just don’t get enough time at red lights to read a map. I so hate driving. Everyone at school went on and on about driving like it was better then sex, as if they knew, but from my first lesson I realised it’s a means to a not particularly necessary end. If they had better buses nobody would have to drive a car. To me, driving is a bit like one of those video games where people hurl themselves in your path, obstacles suddenly appear from nowhere, birds explode on the windshield, and the like. For me a trip down Penge high street is like entering Resident Evil except you aren’t supposed to kill anyone.

After the initial euphoria of getting Jason back in the house, which lasted about half an hour, I went into meltdown and became an Angry person for the rest of the day. In the end Jason asked plaintively why I hated him. I couldn’t really explain it only I feel a lot better today after all the women in my antenatal group AND my next door neighbour K AND Jason’s friend L all said I had been an utter saint to let him go on holiday without me. So there you are, have stopped being Angry now. The wine has also helped.


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