My Antiques Roadshow life

I am supposed to be searching for childcare and doing all the pre-production work on our kitchen refurb as well as mailing out my latest book proposals. But I’m not because there are important things to say about daytime tv. Around the time of Rose’s first morning feed, telly is a desert. There is nothing except mindless breakfast tv magazine shows and news. That is why I ended up watching Cagney and Lacey today. It was an episode that I don’t remember watching when it was first on so it must have been an early one, in which Lacey (I think- isn’t she the fertile one? Lacey- softer, feminine, like ‘lace’ while Cagney is harder, rocklike, or ‘cragney’) is at home on maternity leave wearing the worst maternity pyjamas in tv history. They are grey with amateur stitching up the front, she looks like a badly overstuffed Victorian elephant. Cagney is being a career woman but is not really as hard as she likes to make out. I didn’t really grasp much of the plot as I tend to watch tv in 10 minute breastfeeding segments.

I am getting quite into Postman Pat, the new version. It is excellently animated and includes disabled children (can’t remember any minority ethnic characters though). However all the plots seem to centre on people ordering important items, like a piano for the school concert, the day on which they are actually required. It seems to me that Pat could save himself quite a lot of effort by sending the people of the town on some kind of project management course.

KMTV is a strange and wonderful programme on Channel 4, it teaches young people about historically important individuals through clips off u-tube. But what I really hope for when I sit down with Rose is the Antiques Roadshow. So, so much better than Crap in the Attic and Flog it and all those shows. I particularly love watching very old episodes of AR which inflation render so quaint, for example a person is told their 18th century jam jar is worth 1000 pounds and their jaw drops at the thought of a foreign cruise and whole new wardrobe and gambling at St Tropez, where nowadays they would merely nod and think, hm I might replace the telly.

What there is a clear need for is dedicated progamming for breastfeeding women. All in 10 minute chunks with no boring ads to sit through, except for breaks when the continuity announcer says things like ‘women: have you had enough cake today?’ and there are promotional skits by cake delivery services.

Rose now awake after nap, will start contacting child minders after her bath.


One response to “My Antiques Roadshow life

  1. Motherhood must really sharpen ones perceptions if you could notice things like the stitching on Cag/Lacie’s pyjamas!

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