Last night I realised what it is that we as parents must give to our child, the one single thing that will provide the basis for a happy well adjusted childhood and a contented adult life: and that is, we must teach her to catch a ball. Jason said people are either born with the ability, or they are not. But it’s like reading, in fact it’s more important than that. You can be a poor reader at primary school and you won’t be a social outcast. But if you can’t catch a ball, you can’t take part in playground games, and there will be a groan when you are assigned to the rounders team. Yes there will. I know because it happened to me and the least I can do after dragging Rose into this world is to protect her from being unpopular in P.E.

Rose’s motor skills not quite there yet but will begin ball catching lessons as soon as hand-eye coordination improves. Her toys at the moment are mainly dangly things, or things that make a jingly or crinkly noise when handled. So basically the same as cat toys. You have to keep a close eye on the cats to prevent them from making a claws-out leap for the fish mobile when Rose is under it. They had better watch out if they start getting better scores on her Gameboy when she’s older.  Rose was given, by the lovely A, a 4 note toy piano with primary colour keys and has the most amazing time lifting her arm and bashing the keys: I think it’s one of the very first things she’s done that lets her understand that she’s the cause and the noise is the effect.

Printing off more copies of books to send out. May eventually hoover up the massive dead fly on the windowsill as the cats aren’t eating it. Oh yuk.


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