Poor taste

We were looking at a nursery prospectus last night which included a list of daily activities, and Jason said “What’s ‘dungeon time’?” Ha ha. Someone’s got to take this seriously, at some point. I have made a series of appointments to visit local nurseries next week. They mostly have names that are either very impersonal and commercial sounding such as ‘National Express Daycare’, or else they are so sickly sweet and childish as to be almost sinister, like ‘Kitten paws’ or ‘Little cuddle wuddles, ahh, diddums’. Before going to see them I’m already predisposed to the ones that have a roughly normal name such as the proprietor’s. My neighbour K is steaming ahead and has already interviewed half the childminders in Lewisham. I’m hoping we can share our knowledge but all I have to offer in return is a spreadsheet with the names of 3 nurseries on it, so not in a very strong bargaining position. Would a cake do it K?

The carpenter did a great job but we are having trouble getting used to the new doors – the one that used to stick we fly through because we push too hard, and the one that now opens the other way we push instead of pull and vice versa. Tiny brains you see. I was hoovering up the sawdust this morning and realised there was a 2p coin stuck in the hose. Not sure how long it has been there but the hoover now works better than it has in years. However the hose is broken and I think if we stopped mending it and just saved up all the money we are spending on duck tape we’d have enough to buy a new one in 6 months.


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