Interesting pizza

Went out for lunch with K today. I am just about to talk about poo, so if you are not interested in stories about poo skip to the next paragraph. The poo story is this: Rose is normally a two poo a day girl, yes that’s right she’s way ahead of all the other babies who do maybe one or even less and we are all very proud. However for the last 3 days all she has managed in the nappy department was a skid mark. She finally did a big one this morning, so thinking all danger was passed I set off into Sydenham. Then of course she did an almighty exploding shit that took out every article of clothing she and I had on, plus the buggy, with minor collateral damage to the restaurant. Turns out the first one was just a tremor before the real earthquake. So me and Rose both had our lunches covered in poo, and not for the first time.

You can start here if you don’t like poo stories. Hm not much interesting else happened today, sorry. Apart from Rose waking up at 5am, which could mean that she’s needing to start solid food depending which experts you listen to. Also did a toy audit and found she has 3 identical sets of foam alphabet bricks so must give some away. We need a toy box and soon. Maybe we can get it when we go to Ikea to get her naughty step.


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