Cold feet

My parents came to visit today. Dad said he was very worried about Rose because her feet were purple. This was because I hadn’t put socks on her before going to the shops; there never seems any point because they just come off and you get people chasing after you waving socks, or even more annoyingly telling you that a sock is about to come off. It is annoying because the whole situation is as you can imagine completely under control, and I’m aware at all times of exactly how far Rose’s socks are dangling off, to the millimetre, so nobody will be losing their socks.

I don’t know if other parents get this, though logic dictates that they must, but when Rose is upstairs in bed and I’m downstairs I can her cyring, even though she isn’t. We gave up using a monitor, because ours broke, so now we have to use our ears. Unfortunately ears are connected to the brain, and the brain has a tendency to feel all anxious and be convinced that something is going on upstairs when it isn’t. So the brain tells the ears that there is crying when all is in fact calm. We are borrowing some working monitors from A soon so it will be interesting to see if the phantom crying phenomenon disappears.

Having organised the gatecrash with Rose of my parents’ holiday, my mother asked today why Jason wasn’t coming too. The answer is actually that of course, I realise now, I was arranging a holiday purely to get back at Jason for having one without me. However it would be so nice to have him come along that having woken up to the truth I phoned him at work immediately to tell him to get some time off.


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