Cat-baby-cat-baby- cat?

Rose’s currently favourite toy is a window envelope, due to its superb range of sensory qualities including scrunchiness and tear up into pieces-ness. Honestly she can’t get enough of them. She is getting quite strong and can shred up to three envelopes in one day. I wait at the letterbox for bank statements so I can hand her the packaging.

While endearing this reminded me of the worrying similarity between her and the cats’ favourite toys and activities: top of the list for both is anything that makes a noise, anything brightly coloured or shiny, and things that move around. Both Rose and the cats love to follow a moving object with their eyes and then pounce on it with their claws (Rose has quite sharp fingernails).

Taking this comparison further is quite worrying really. It’s too early to predict how Rose will turn out, but looking at the cats, who I’ve had since they were tiny kittens, and are thus good exemplars for my abilities as a carer, they are now:

  • lazy
  • obese
  • clingy
  • constantly moulting
  • able to produce muddy footprints in the middle of a drought
  • oh yes, and bottom of the pecking order among the neighbourhood cats

This all looks bad for Rose’s future. At the very least I might be able to stop her roaming from house to house begging for food and turning into a blimp like the cats. The rest is less certain.


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