Singtime for Rose

Visited a nursery today, the manager was a slightly odd lady who looked at me in a misty eyed way and asked ‘does a baby change your life?’. Well dur. I used to go to work, but now I stay at home playing with a cute baby. And why would she ask such a weird question, isn’t she surrounded by parents with food stains on their work clothes and their roots showing, which are the kind of things you don’t generally do if you don’t have kids, unless you are naturally very badly organised and a bit dirty? Surely she would be the last person to romanticise child rearing.

I wanted to test the theory before committing myself, but i think I can say fairly confidently that Rose loves music. Well, she loves me and Jason singing to her, but most of all she adores seeing lots of children, mums and a slightly mad librarian belting out nursery rhymes. We’ve been to the fantastic song and story session at Forest Hill libary before – the first time she was rather un-bothered, the second time she flung herself into it. She kept standing up on my lap and yodelling like a baby diva, specially in the gaps between songs. One of the librarians is very softly spoken so we had to mostly lip read her over Rose’s caterwauling. It was dead sweet. Today she was a bit tired but woke up enough to get very excited about the Grand Old Duke of York, and the hokey cokey. Then she passed out in her buggy while I took out the only book on weaning I could find, which for some strange reason is by Lorraine Kelly. If it’s the Lorraine Kelly off the telly, how ever did she manage to fit in her training as a nutritionist with a full time career as a morning tv presenter? Most impressive how these celebrites are so multi talented. I expect next time I go for a smear test, there she’ll be, waving a speculum, showing off her detailed knowldge of gynaecology. And when I take the car for a service etc etc.

Rose now has her own library card which I will probably lose. Her credit cards are all in a safe place though so that’s ok. We have a cool free bookbag from Bookstart and a lovely board book, and I took out a bunch of books for her to rip to shreds.


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