5 a day

What a ridiculous day. Tree surgeon came round to check the work that had not been properly done in the front garden. Took Rose to the doctor about her infected eyelid and neighbour K very nobly sat in our house with baby P to let in delivery men with 4 metres of worktop. That is a lot of worktop, we hadn’t realized quite how much, you have to hop over it to get out of the front room. My parents came round, I went for a run, came back, Rose became mildly hysterical but turned out it was due to an explosive bowel movement rather than separation anxiety. Most disappointing. Men came back to finish off work in garden. Parents left, I drove round to A’s house to borrow her baby monitor and enjoy baby chaos with hers and another woman’s toddlers rampaging. Car wouldn’t start so waited in A’s house getting in the way while she tried to cook dinner for B. Rescue guys managed to start car without any problem. Embarassing. B was overjoyed to see Rose go so she could finally return to being sole baby for the evening.

Even though the fridge is full of delicious fresh veg that my parents kindly brought round I had egg and chips for dinner. I just couldn’t face an aubergine and Jason was thrilled to get an amnesty from the vegetable police (me).

Rose is showing so much finger control, Jason propped up a fabric book in front of her and she spent ages moving her fingers gently among some sticking-out ribbons. Quite amazing. Shows she doesn’t have to have loud noises and big movements to be entertained, sometimes she enjoys small and subtle actions and sensations.


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