Lord of the rings

I’m a member of a fantastic group of children’s book authors, and not sure whether to tell them my books have gone out of stock. According to my editor this is not the same as out of print but it looks fairly similar from here. My writers group is made up of individuals who are amazingly good at transforming casual conversations into solid commitments at festivals schools and libraries. Hope I stay published for long enough to remain a member. I’ve been asked to do a workshop or reading next Jan at a children’s theatre and have no idea what I’ll do or how to do it, or if there will be any of my books still available to buy by then. I had a couple more of my book proposals returned last week, one with a nice note which does make a lot of difference. Still, I dread the flap when a big batch of post hits the floor, most tatty A4 envelopes are rejections. Sigh.

Today we went out to lunch at a cafe and Rose was perfectly charming, amusing herself in the buggy while we ate lunch, and only requiring a nappy change when we were safely at M’s house in easy reach of bathroom facilities. I found out by accident that you can drop a foam brick (one of the sort with a bell inside and a letter or number on the outside) on her face and it makes her laugh. I won’t be testing this amazing tolerance with heavier items however, or any items. She enjoys it when she is near my face and can move her fingers to feel my hair, and can also grab a tiny handful and YANK! Cute still. I’ll have to put a stop to that sort of behaviour before she does her GCSEs though.

Jason has asked me to get some chef’s rings at John Lewis tomorrow. I imagine you can buy Gordon Ramsay’s, we’ve already got Jamie Oliver’s, it was free with a book.


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