How to get a good night’s sleep

Slept brilliantly last night. The reason was this: jason made the mistake of asking me if I was ok just before dropping off. Instead of saying ‘fine’ like I was supposed to, I went into all the things that are bothering me and keeping me up at night. Having got this all off my chest I slept like a log and Jason had a restless night troubled by all the worries I’d palmed off on him. Sorry Jason.

Spent some of this morning doing my finances for next year and trying to avoid the conclusion that it would be sensible to go back to work full time. Gives me hairballs just thinking about it.

Why ever did I think popping off to Spain would be relaxing, it’s like organising logistics for a full scale military invasion of Lewisham, with tanks. Must go and rescue Rose from her weird position with feet up on the bars of the cot, fill her with breastmilk and set forth in a buggy festooned with enormous and unstable bags.


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