Some stuff about our holiday in Malaga

We’re BACK! Got back on Tuesday actually but I’ve been struck down by one of those aeroplane viruses. I hope it’s not giving Rose a complex that I am holding her at arm’s length. For what it’s worth Rose, it’s for your own good! You don’t want this bug. The main symptoms are: watching the WHOLE of Antiques Roadshow (ie lethargy, chronic weakness of remote control finger), drinking tea, keeping builder from his work by chatting (idleness, Munchausens procrastination by proxy), and purchasing entire stock of Lidl’s stollen. Also a sort throat.

We had a nice time in Spain. I used to think Malaga was just an airport with maybe a few shacks nearby, like most Ryanair destinations, but it’s actually a very nice small city, quite smart in the centre with a beautifully relaxed feel. We had a lovely time strolling round the pedestrian area and looking in interesting shops. We had an apartment and shopped every morning at the nearby covered market. Overflowing stalls of Mediterranean fish and rainbows of shellfish, heaps of fresh veggies and fruit, all the stallholders smoked like chimneys. We worked our way through 3kg of these amazing local clementines in five days. I think my dad only ate about 2 so me and mum had well over 1kg each in five days. Can you get an overdose of vitamin c? I remember mum complaining about a sore throat too. I got a bowl of special Malaga sun-dried raisins on the vine to cure imaginary hunger pangs after dinner helped down by some delicious greasy salted almonds. Oh we ate so much. We found a gorgeous cafe called Lepanto, which made astoundingly light pastries and home made tasting cakes.

It was so nice coming home. Jason came to meet me and Rose with a cardboard name sign, like a handsome taxi driver. He got so excited about seeing us again that he got to the aiport nearly 2 hours early and had to spend a fortune on parking charges coffee and magazines. However the main thing is that he didn’t give me a hard time like I gave him when he came back from his jaunt in October. He is such a nice man.


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