Don’t read this if you find reading about how great my baby is a bit tedious

Jason and Rose are on their tummies on the play mat learning to crawl. Rose is doing her best to teach him but Jason is finding it all a bit tricky. Actually we don’t want to encourage crawling too early as we haven’t got the cupboard space to store all our nicknacks for the next five years, between the times she becomes mobile and stops trying to eat dangerous objects. She’s a lot more comfortable with being on her front and even went to sleep on her face in Spain. She’s now making effortfull swimming motions with all her limbs and successfully pivoting herself around to face the way she’s just come from, but a bit further back. I am sure that forward motion can’t be far away. Every now and then she raises herself up on her arms and hands out a huge beaming smile before going back to flailing and squawking.

I’m totally impressed by her manual dexterity. She loves a good bash with her arms but she also likes to use her fingertips to experience small sensations, like ribbons and fabric textures. She was waving a fabric book earlier on and after a bit she lay still with the book in one hand and stroked the furry bits of the rabbit, then the shiny bits on the duck, and then went on to her favourite part, the velcro strip. Her numero uno favourite textile experience is the washing instructions. She was given a wonderful and elaborate fabric book recently and spent ages playing with the label.

We went to the doctor yesterday because she had a tiny bit of dried blood in her ear. She had actually scratched herself while in a tizzy and the doctor told me off for not cutting her nails short enough. Has he tried cutting baby nails recently? Or ever? It is quite scary. It’s not like your own hands where you can make a mistake and a bit of sticking plaster will do it. With tiny baby fingers a few millimetres can make the difference between playing the violin and not playing the violin.

There is a lot in the news about the murder of several babies and small children at the moment. It is a surprise to find out how strong our reactions are and how hard it is to listen to the stories. Jason said he was nearly sick when he read about it in the newspaper. Perhaps it is being such new parents that leads to these strong feelings, as I’m sure I would have felt shocked but not in such a deep way, prior to having Rose. I wonder if this will change as time goes on or if all parents have a heightened response to stories like this, compared to the reaction they would have had before having children.


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