Lidl refugee

One of the things I really liked about Malaga was the children’s play area in the park which had an open air bar with around 40 types of spirits and draft beer, but no ice cream or children’s food and drink. How great is that? They like to dress up their young children in quite an old fashioned way, in round necked jumpers and corduroys and cute round toed shoes. Even a baby in a bonnet. Do they still sell bonnets? I have never seen a single one, in any shop, ever. So in a way having a playground where the children play nicely without sugary drinks, while the adults get sedately pissed, shows how they have really got their act together. The children are so incredibly well brought up that parents know they can take them places and they won’t interrupt. I am sure that none of the mums and dads at the playground were actually having strong drinks, although I didn’t see any teas or coffees on sale. So. Probably just sitting at the tables to keep an eye on the kids.

My virus has pretty much gone now which is great as I can kiss Rose again. It’s been agony! Not shnuzzling her for days and days! Arghh! Also I’ve hardly spoken or sung to her at all for fear of blowing germs all over her. It’s been horrible.

The kitchen is taking shape. I’ve been going on lots of shopping trips to Lidl to escape the noise and dust so we have around 20 litres of olive oil and quite a lot of Parmesan.


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