Happy halfth-day!

Rose is six today … six months that is. Happy birthday lovely girl!!! We love and adore you and are both mildly surprised we’ve kept you alive this long. Mind you the first couple of weeks were the really tricky bits, everything since then has been plain sailing. The biggest turning point for me was when she started sleeping through from 7 til 7. We’ve got our evenings back and can enjoy our dinner without juggling babies breasts and plates of food. Strangely I miss Rose as soon as she’s gone to bed, though at the same time I feel like a completely different person when I know she’s settled down for the night. It’s as if I stop being a mummy when she’s not actually there. Like yesterday when I met a friend for coffee down the road. For a couple of hours I didn’t have a baby determinedly flirting with every individual in sight (Rose can seriously work a room) and attracting lots of coos and ahhs, somebody else was worrying about her nappy and whether she was bored or tired or cold. It was very strange because I felt completely like myself – not like a person with a new baby. Quite confusing. I walked really fast to get home and there was Rose kicking about on her mat with Jason reading the internet as always.

I wonder what it will be like once she’s weaned and doesn’t depend on just me for her food. I am looking forward to that. We have started introducing the idea of food with tiny dabs of porridge for her to taste, baby rice cakes and crusts to suck on. This morning I gave her half a pear to hold on to and she gripped it in both arms and applied herself to it enthusiastically. She loved it so much that when it was time to feed her she kept reaching out for the pear instead of feeding. I think milk has lost its appeal now she’s started to explore the great world of flavours and tastes.

We will get started with pureed foods as soon as the kitchen is finished. Living in all the dust and piles of kitchen stuff is getting me down a bit. However we already have a working dishwasher; the whole aim of the kitchen re-fit was to get a mini dishwasher in there so we didn’t have to spend our whole lives washing up. We were so excited about doing our first wash that we gathered round it when it was on the final minute of the cycle, and leaped on it, pulling out all the mugs and glasses, almost in hysterics we were so happy. Hopefully our builder will be able to finish the tiling and lighting tomorrow and then build the new cupboard under the stairs for us, where we can store dangerous things that children shouldn’t eat such as screwdrivers, bleach and power tools. I think it was my little brother when he was about 6 who was found on a chair putting some weedkiller on a high shelf, in order to put it out of the reach of children. Maybe it was me, it sounds like an eldest child kind of thing to do.


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