Our builder is a very nice man, and great at his work, but at managing expectations he’s not so great. He said at first the whole thing would take a couple of weeks but it will probably be three. That’s not such a long time really but time is dragging for me, being at home so much, and not being able to use the kitchen or dining room. In our small house, with two cats a baby and assorted bulky baby paraphenalia, you have to be mega organised to avoid the slide into chaos. At the moment about 15 metres squared of kitchen junk and 5 metric tonnes of power tools and weedkiller are piled up on under and both sides of our dining room table. Mustn’t grumble. Oh look I am.

Looks like me and Jason might be going out for our first evening out together soon, M has agreed to babysit with K as consultant in case of emergency. Please don’t have a conniption though Rose, just let us eat expensive food, it’s for your own good and we will become much better parents after a few amuses bouches. Too knackered to be excited though. I spent most of the day panicking because I’ve got myself booked in to run some workshops for children, when I don’t really have any experience of that sort of thing. K’s mum is a primary teacher so spent half an hour on the phone to her and she was very helpful. Jason was helpful too though I was quite ungrateful and shouted, even though he was mostly right about everything. I hate that. Both of them said, in different words, that children can smell the fear and you have to go in with complete confidence or be ripped to shreds.


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