How to recyle milk cartons

So happy! We have shelves up in the kitchen! To put things on! Yayyyyyyy!!!!!

Also Jason can really get stuck in to cleaning up all the nasty dirt and dust that’s all over the house, I know how much that kind of thing bothers him.

Took a trip to my mum and dad’s place today and got stuck in traffic. I noticed a driver opening his door in the lane beside me. He tipped out some liquid from a plastic milk container, not milk, and it steamed. How disgusting and yet, what a good idea. After all he was the one crawling towards the Blackwall Tunnel without anything weighing on his mind while I was absolutely busting for a pee. My bladder has never been the same, well, ever. But it’s especially not been the same since having Rose. Might start taking empty milk cartons in the car.

Rose is so desperate to get her hands in my plates of food these days that I had to give her a chunch of pear to chew on while I was eating. Otherwise there is a lurch forward followed by moussaka on the curtains. Another good no EXCELLENT thing about the kitchen being finished is that we can fish out the high chair from behind the stacks of power tools, and start giving Rose some yummy baby rice.


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