Look! There’s Some Baby Rice

Walllll here I be, tired but exhausted, after 2 full and entire days of cleaning. Hoovering wiping mopping scrubbing scraping boiling washing lifting grunting and owww! My back hurts. So now the place is nearly clean enough to get its zoo hygeine certificate, and it’s ok to start the weaning process safe from the fear of Rose ingesting polyfilla along with her baby rice. I gave her a lump of banana to hold today and she licked it into a zeppelin shape before casting it aside. Maybe if I keep on giving her soft fruit she will eventually lick a mango into the Angel of the North and we will make a million.

The little board book that came with her Bookstart pack is called ‘Look – There’s a Baby!’ which is how I feel sometimes too. It took about three months for me to stop jumping in surprise every time I came across her, say on Jason’s lap or in her Moses basket. I think the realisation has finally sunk in but every now and again I think, good golly, we really do have a human child that we are raising to be like us. Surely someone should be coming along with anaesthetic darts any day now to take her back to civillization.


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