Baby porridge sucks

Today K came round with P and watched Rose while I went for a run. The whole way I was imagining coming back to find chaos reigning with screaming Rose, wailing P, K having nervous breakdown and cursing my name. I burst in through the door and nobody looked up. Peace and calm was all around, so that was good. K has a creche at the gym she goes to. I don’t think they make the babies do excercise but I like the image of them all lying on mats wearing wee trainers.

Went into town yesterday and was trying to get through the barriers at London bridge station past a woman having an interminable conversation with the guard. She was ignoring me so I ran over her foot with the buggy. She said ‘stupid woman’ into her handbag, and I quick as a flash said back ‘stupid woman yourself’ which was a VERY weak comeback but I won on points, through having deflected her insult back at her but louder, and having crushed her bunions. Violence. It’s the way forward.

Started giving Rose some pureed food in the last couple of days. She took a few spoons of baby cereal the first day but after that she’s been pretty tight lipped when I’ve offered her delicious banana mash and other tasty liquidised foods. However she is making good work of banging a plastic spoon rhythmically on her tray, and in quite a rock and roll way emptied her bowl of banana on the floor. Also she ate half a toasted bagel slice yesterday, and a whole baby-size rice cake this morning. Provided I can stop being so goal oriented with the purees I reckon she should be fine with this eating lark within the twelvemonth. I have a private theory that she quite likes things that taste nice which is why she wasn’t interested in the carrot and potato mush. Might try some olive oil in it or cinnamon perhaps.

Have vowed not to give her baby rice at least not by itself, it’s way beyond bland and into unpleasant. Also the ‘Hipp organic’ baby porridge which says ‘no added sugar’ on the pack, actually tastes incredibly sweet and the nutritional analysis shows it contains 36% sugars. So how do they define added? Oats don’t contain that level of sugar and it must have come from somewhere. Going to bed now, tired out after rant.


2 responses to “Baby porridge sucks

  1. I think you mean 36 grams of sugars since there are no percent daily values for sugar on nutrition facts. Many foods are full of sugars naturally so when they say “no added sugars” they simply mean there was not any sugar added other than what is naturally occurring in that food.

  2. Well out of 100g dry product there are 36g sugars. So that is a bit like 36% isn’t it? The sugar doesn’t seem to be naturally occuring as wheat flour by itself contain little sugar. The Hipp Porridge contains added maltodextrin which is a polysaccharide and which along with some sugars in the milk powder included may account for the high sugar content of the product.

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