Genesis P. Orridge

Rose is the new Queen of porridge! I made her some using organic ingredients grown in the back garden with milk from our own goat (not really) and she cleverly ate about 5 teensy spoonsful, and opened her mouth at the right moment instead of turning her head away with a lemon sucking expression as she has done for the past week. Yay! Oh I see she has just thrown up her oats onto the baby gym. Still Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Yesterday Jason took part in a 5km Santa run. This is something when people dress up in santa outfits and run a certain distance to raise money for charity, creating a comedy effect of many santas with variously sized bellies all pounding up a path like a close up film of red spider mites colonising a twig. Runners are often a bit tense before a race and this could account for the fact that I heard Mrs Santa call Mr Santa a twat. I hope that they made up after the race and that the Christmas day deliveries aren’t affected.


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