Bottoms up!

Guess who got onto her hands and knees yesterday??? No, guess. It was a very small person, baby shaped. You know. Rose. She achieved this feat during a moment of rage at her own arms and legs which were refusing to obey orders during tummy time. I wasn’t actually there to observe but my source says she did it several times. Spent most of today urging her to do it again. I confess to holding her bottom up once to see if that would enable her to repeat her success, but all that happened was her nose touched the mat. She is also clapping her hands, and copies us when we do it. It’s all so exciting!

Notes on food and poo, for the really keen:
In a less welcome development she did a really quite unusually malodorous poo this afternoon, I think this is a downward slope as far as nappies are concerned. Rose had quite a few kinds of food today, carrot and potato puree, crust of bread, rice cake, a whole cube of chick pea stew and a homeopathic quantity of roast vegetables.

We spent the weekend thrashing ourselves with nettles – oh sorry I mean decorating the kitchen. The mental sores from the building work were reopened as the pots and pans spread over the dining room and the herbs and spices went to hide under the sideboard. After two days spent with our faces six inches away from the wall painting all the awkward corners, we stood back to admire the final effect and realised that we had chosen the wrong colour and the walls now clash with the tiles. Let this post be a solemn warning to all: Dulux ‘Frosted Steel’ is, despite what it looks like in the catalogue and the paint swatch, not grey, but a species of pale lilac. Which looks pretty naff against our greeny-grey glass tile edging. Serves us right for being all fancy-shmancy.


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