Beetroot csi

Starting to get bored of meeting up with my antenatal group. You have to wait so long before you can talk about your baby. It’s so much better seeeing people who have older children or better still no children, so you can tell them fabulous untruths about child rearing. On the other hand our Christmas meetup was an excellent excuse for dressing Rose as a reindeer. I woke up this morning thinking I had flu, then realised it was a hangover. How did that happen? One glass of mulled wine I swear.

Rose has discovered a new way to be, which is UPSIDE DOWN! She flings herself backwards in your arms and you have to swing her round to give a panoramic view of the kitchen, or cats or whatever. Her adventures in food are going really well and she had an exciting lunch of avocado and roasted vegetables. Discovered the best way to hide evidence of beetroot lunch is to dress child from head to foot in pink.

I tripped up the other day with her in my arms, and dropped her face first on the sofa. She screamed, I screamed, we were all quite upset. She calmed down quite quickly but had almost no sleep for the rest of the day, crying after a short nap and waking up several times after she went to bed that evening. She was fine the next day. I wondered if she had a kind of post traumatic stress, which gave her bad dreams that woke her up from her naps.


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