This week I have been spending the evenings lovingly creating a glove puppet as a present for Rose, but when it was finished it became apparent that this was an 18 rated glove puppet. It sort of looks like the hound of the baskerville’s mutant cousin that the family don’t like to talk about. Jason saved the day by rushing to baby Gap and getting hold of some really nice baby clothes as little pressies for our darling. They are well funky. So all is good.

Horrible scary moment yesterday when Rose choked on some apple. She was chewing a big piece and a small fragment must have come off and stuck in her throat. I turned her over and gave her a good zetz and she was fine. The whole thing lasted about 5 or 6 seconds. There wasn’t time to feel afraid but the terror set in later. I had bad dreams last night, one was about our house being on fire but someone putting the blaze out at the last minute. My dream life is so uncomplicated.

Rose is sound asleep, there’s a bottle of Lidl champagne in the freezer, pressies all under the tree. The  phosphorus bright led lights in the window have burned out our frontal lobes. Happy Christmas and Chanuka one and all.


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