Christmas update

So much to catch up on. Christmas, with my family and jason’s dad. Visit to Suffolk to see Jason’s family. New year chez Sydenham Leave watching the fireworks on the telly and bickering about when to open the champagne. It was nice being by the sea in Suffolk and lovely to see the rellies in law. Ear freezingly cold though and I didn’t bring proper walking shoes so just teetered around on the pebbles for twenty minutes and went back in to play with Rose’s new Fisher Price safari park.

On Christmas day there was a lot of love around due to the presence of Rose. It’s quite hard to maintatin a good level of family tension when there’s a baby blowing fantastically loud raspberries, just below your knee. As usual my brother made me regress to age 10, this time by refusing to admit that Rose can clap her hands. “Look! She’s doing it now!” ‘She’s just putting her hands together.” “Now! Look now! There! Clapping!” and so on and so on. Always so much shouting.

On new year’s day Jason showed his ladeez a good time the only way he knows how, by dragging us out into the freezing countryside to watch him run a 10k. To be fair (must I?) there was a good atmosphere and I quite enjoyed myself. The runners were fancy dressed to the nines and Jason in my opinion should have won the prize as he was not only dressed up as a first world war fighter ace whose trousers had fallen off, but also went round in character, saluting people and aeroplaning down hills with his arms out. Nutter, but also, how lovely. After pushing the buggy up Box Hill I retreated to the bikers’ caff at the bottom and breastfed in the midst of several dozen leathery bikers, just for kicks. I can’t wait til I can do a 10k, hopefully in Feb some time.

It was Jason’s birthday soon after new year and we went out for a cool breakfast at the Wolseley, on Piccadilly. It was fab not least because Rose sat in her cool designer high chair, craning her neck up at the amazingly high ceilings, while we read the Observer and ate our organic kippers and home made preserves.

Rose is on the point of becoming a crawler. She can roll from one end of the room to the other, provided furniture doesn’t get in the way. Also she has two tiny fang-ettes, little razor sharp edges in her gum that are barely visible but very sharp. Handy if you can’t find the tin opener. You have to watch her when she is chewing bread though, she really likes it but if it goes a bit soft she crams the whole lot in her gob and then sits there making fish faces until you force her jaws apart and remove the soggy mass. Incidentally I have discovered that if you pretend not to see the bits of scrambled egg and bread crumbs under the high chair the cats will come along and eat most of them before you have to clean up.

I’ve started a new book in a comic strip format, it is quite hard work and looks a bit messy, beads  of sweat keep falling onto the paper.

I am officially caught up now. Hope to be more regular in future if I can get Jason to stop playing Snore, sorry Spore for five minutes.


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