New pants

It’s been a while, sorry. The wool for Rose’s new cardie is on the plane to Lanzarote where it will be knitted up by Grandaunty V. It is a particularly beautiful wine coloured wool and will be gorgeous when it becomes a garment. Knitting is one of those things I feel an affinity for, and feel like I should be able to do, but I can’t keep up with all the counting. I remember despising times tables at primary school. They are at the same time totally boring and predictable, and yet so full of nasty little traps. Just when you had learned the beautiful patterns formed by 7 for instance you walked into 8, rearing up like a builder’s arse crack out of a hole in the road. Never liked 8. Learning times tables is a total waste of time anyhow as any 6 year old can attest, when you have calculators and if no calculator to hand, just times by 5 or 10 and estimate up or down to get a rough figure until you can find a calculator. Times tables are not a real world activity.

Me and K from next door’s baby swaps have been going well. Both our babies can now go without breastmilk for up to 10 hours – or more! – and are ready to be launched onto the social scene. In other words they will soon be ready to be farmed out to paid childcare and we are preparing them for this shock by leaving them at each other’s houses for short times to get them used to being without mummy. P was round here the other day and I sat the two of them down on a mat. I gave P a rusk and ran to the kitchen to fetch her a bib. Got back to find P ruskless and Rose carelessly waving rusk in air before shoving it in her gob. P’s eyebrows were just gathering together when I inserted another rusk into her hand and the atmosphere lightened perceptibly. Although of course I can’t condone bullying and theft of this kind, I am secretly proud of Rose for using her superior skills at sitting up and leaning forward so go girl.

Today I did the much-feared book reading session at children’s storytelling venue. It was totally successful I think and lots of children turned up. I enjoyed it once past the nerves. I practiced all week reading the book to Jason and my parents, and bashed together quite a fun session for 3 to 6 year olds including jumping up and down and making cow masks. Not sure now why I spent 2 months worrying about it.

It’s the longest I’ve been away from Rose. Something weird happened to time while I was out. The lunch period was about an hour and a half but it felt like six. I checked my watch every half an hour, but only five minutes had gone past. I wondered if this could have been because when I’m with Rose every moment is so packed that the days feel as if they whizz by, and when she’s not there things seem a lot slower. Or could have been that time in Stratford shopping centre does go quite slowly, there isn’t much to do once you’ve been to Clarkes and looked at every single sale shoe in your size. I ended up getting some new trousers from Dorothy Perkins. They do a range of leg lengths you know. Excellent.


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