Down and give me 20

Rose has been spending all her down time lately doing pressups, getting on her hands and knees, rocking about, doing pilates to achieve abs like steel, and doing chinups from the top bar of her cot. She’s preparing for a breakout. She’s nearly there too. She can now all of a sudden crawl, a bit, backwards. And when she lifts up one hand to reach out for something she falls on her nose and cries. I predict three weeks until she is racing about on hands and knees and we enter a whole new world of clean floors and things put in cupboards. I’m massively excited about all this, I keep putting poor Rose on her tummy to see if she will do it again. And she does! And she cries! She must be completely knackered. Imagine, a whole day of pressups.


Today I bought a shirt for Jason and he liked it! This is a major event as I haven’t had much success buying him clobber. There was the sock debacle and we don’t talk about the pants of 2005. So picky.


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