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By the time I sit down to write this blog my battery is dead and I can’t usually remember what I was going to talk about. I’ve switched my brain off and on again and retrieved a few fragments:

1) Rose can now talk, but her only word is ‘blah’. Shows she is imitating adult conversations.

2) She burst into tears when I gave her scrambled eggs the other day, although she has previously eaten them quite happily. She is developing a dramatic streak. If you try to take something off her, or eat tasty cake in front of her, she throws her toys out of the pram. High chair.

3) She is currently keen on clementines, she eats handfuls of segments and then eats the peel. This could be a genetic thing as my mother also chews on citrus peel. Weirdos.

4) Rose fell off the bed today.

5) When the crying calmed down a bit I phoned Jason to confess and while I was on the phone, Rose lunged after the cat and slithered off my lap head first onto the carpet. More crying. Me so startled at disaster number two that I just sat there with phone to ear staring at baby crying out of her nose. Jason saying “You dropped her again?” in a disbelieving way.

6) Rose was awake all day after the accident (except for a nap) and hasn’t shown any signs of concussion. I put my head round the door after she went to bed and she is definitely still ok.

7) Me and Rose went to the British Museum yesterday, it was great. We had a picnic in the great hall, then wandered round the vast collections of stolen artefacts from many lands. In one way, shocking that we have got all this stuff when maybe it belongs to other lands. In another way, hooray! We can go to Bloomsbury and see all that great shit in one place. Rose enjoyed watching schoolchildren mill around while I marvelled at antiquities.

8) Blah, blah blah blah blah blah.

9) went for a longish run today, nearly 7k so should be ok for 10k next weekend. I felt the same all the way round and reckon I can do an hour easily, maybe less if the whole course is downhill.

10) Rose crawling works like this: sees thing. Gets up on hands and knees. Reaches one hand out. Falls on nose. Looks up hopefully, thing is still out of reach. Makes long arm. Still can’t reach. Starts doing front crawl with arms, while legs going for a run. Rose is going backwards. One leg wedged under shelf, other one hooked on chair leg. Gives up, rolls over and waves at me, claps hands, says blah blah blah. I love that girl’s attitude.


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