I fought in the pumpkin wars

* * * * Sydenham newsflash: Emergency services had to be called to a south London supermarket on Saturday when shoppers became involved in angry clashes with staff. The protests began when parents buying fresh vegetables with which to cook home made baby purees found that all the pumpkins had sold out. A spokesman said “We haven’t had a delivery of butternut squash in two weeks”. The police issued a request for everyone to just calm down and noted that pumpkins are still available from the local greengrocer and several of those shops selling halal meat and all sorts of yams and things, on Sydenham high street. Failing that please use carrots instead. * * *

It was carnage, I’m telling you. Nothing but empty boxes. I did belatedly notice that the last butternut I bought was flown over from Argentina so maybe it’s not so great to be buying them at this time of year. Food miles and everything.

Went out for a meal with my antenatal group on Friday night. It was great. Though we must have been the only people discussing childcare in the bar at 11.30. Particularly excellent to be able to have a conversation without someone spitting, lurching or chucking food down your legs (ie a baby). Spent yesterday recovering from hangover. Had a gorgeous bacon in flatbread sandwich dripping with butter at cafe Amano near Borough Market, a cup of strong coffee and a pain au raisan and felt nearly human again. Had two friends over today and Jason made his speciality mushroom risotto. Rose entertained us by showing off her getting on hands and knees abilities, talking blah and being generally charming and delightful and only a tiny bit grizzly if she was tired.

She had a lovely long nap this morning and I got another 2 hours sleep. LOoooovely. We had breakfast in bed and Rose kept grabbing things on the tray. We practiced saying ‘no’ in an assertive way, and it did make her hold back. But then she would do it again five seconds later so we got fed up of saying no and took away the things. Shows she understands ‘no’ though. So fascinating watching her develop like a flower with millions of petals opening up over months and years, all those skills that evolve so gradually you don’t realise she didn’t used to be able to do that and now look, she can sit up and pick objects up in both hands at the same time.


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