The drugs do work but should we be worried?

Rose seemed to have bad teething pains today, and was quite clingy and non-sleeping. We dose her up with various teething gels and potions, and they do seem to work, but it’s a bit alarming the way her eyes light up when she sees the calpol bottle. When the bonjela teething gel arrives her mouth literally hangs open and she smacks her lips after it’s gone in. That’s if you can get it on her gums, she does her best to lick it off. It does smell quite nice actually, sort of like pear icecream.

Still loving the hearing aid! All the sounds especially outdoors, the traffic, wind, voices, form an audio soup that congeals in your ear. But shouldn’t be too long before my brain learns to pick out the important noises. I have been turning it off when Rose yells in my ear though, some sounds you don’t need to hear extra loud.


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