I know it’s bean stew but what is it now?

Me and Rose went on a nursery adventure yesterday. As soon as we went in the door she was totally happy, waving her arms, squawking and desperate to get involved with the other babies. To start with they did sand play and Rose got heavily involved with sand in the trouser area and by eating it. Then they had a snack. An incredibly cute 18 month old girl gave Rose a piece of banana. When they gave out water in sippy cups Rose picked up her cup all by herself, so proud. Then they did art and Rose created something quite ’80s in design, it was like those dungarees Bananarama used to wear. The childcarers were very nice. They cooed over Rose as is her birthright. None of them mentioned her gummy eye so 500 points to them. One of them picked her up and Rose looked so comfortable there playing with the girl’s hair. Then Rose impressed everyone by waving goodbye. Oh yes.

You know they have these really low tables and teeny chairs? It is like a miniature world.

I was so glad I went back. It is very pleasant, the carers really like the babies and clearly have lots of fun playing with them and take really good care of them. I think my previous uncertainty was down to K telling me what a bad impression she got of the place, and me being very impressionable and easily swayed by others.

So that is good, childcare sorted. Work next – boss keeping very quiet.

Went to Sainsburies on Monday and despite spending a million pounds only have some limp brocolli in the fridge. Last night realised Rose has eaten all the food in the freezer – I sort of imagined vaguely it would always be there. But she now eats bowlfuls rather than little cubes and it disappears rather fast. Made her some bean stew that will look the same in her nappy. Lucky girl.

Going to investigate how her new re-usable nappies stand up to bean stew.

ps I confess I did the art, Rose wouldn’t hold the sponge while I daubed, so just did it by myself.

pps madly jealous of K whose baby will deliver kisses on demand. WHAT  a great trick. Huh.


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