Why so toey?

Bought Rose her first toothbrush today, seems too… bristly for a baby’s mouth. Jason played lovely toothbrushing game with rose, using the brush to pretendy-clean his teeth, and then Rose opened her mouth for him to brush her 2 tiddlers.

I hosted K’s baby for an hour or so in the pm. My childcare technique is to surround them with thousands of objects, and when their enjoyment of the ‘I will take that thing out of your hand’ ‘Now I will take it back’ ‘But see, I have it again. And I have put it behind my back so you can’t get it. Oh you are kicking me in the nappy’ game seem to be flagging I present them with fruits cut up into tiny pieces. I put Rose to bed after a while and P was a bit more relaxed, confident in the knowledge that the thing she had would not be taken away from her by another baby. Luckily K wasn’t there when Rose sank her teeth into P’s foot. Rose has a bit of a toe thing. I’m sure she will grow out of it. Totally totally knackered almost too knackered to keep wri


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