Stuff cabbage leaves

After a week off breastfeeding I’m getting some pain in the  boobs. I tried looking it up on the internet but reading all about breastfeeding caused let down and made them hurt even worse. Maybe the trick is not to think about breastfeeding. Thing is I’m so excited about stopping breastfeeding, that it comes into my head several times a day. I hereby vow to stop thinking, feeling guilty, talking or writing about breastfeeding. Hopefully it won’t be too long before Jason can hug me without me going ouch.

Rose is ambitiously pushing the envelope of crawling. Her creative interpretations include rolling, lurching, reaching, toppling and pushups like an interesting modern dance floor routine. She can be very graceful for example when she flops back dramatically in her high chair and passes one arm across her face and flings it outwards as if to say, SO boring darling. All she needs is a cigarette holder.

Just read first para and got stabbing pain in right breast. Buggered if I’m putting cabbage leaves in my bra, I’d get mugged by south London slugs. Right, that’s it, the topic is oh-verrr.


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