Bum-bling idiots

Trying to buy some used re-usable nappies off a used nappy auction site. Such bogosity, it’s slow and doesn’t send you your password, and you miss the bundle of nappies you were going to buy two separate times. They have the temerity to pre-emptively blame-shift by stating that it can take some time for new passwords to go out due to the slowness of some email systems, when they really mean they don’t want to pay for a proper e commerce system and are using something off a free cd on a pc magazine. Do-gooding but inefficient. Don’t they want to save the world by helping more people stop using disposables? Well don’t they?

I got a sample ‘Fuzzibunz’ nappy at a ‘Nappycino’ (the puns start here) at Lewisham library a few weeks ago. A very hot room full of babies and a few far sighted pregnant women, and a saleswoman selling nappies at full speed. Re-usable nappies proliferate, with a number of different basic designs and dozens of brands and small specialist retailers. The nappy names beggar belief, it’s like they have set themselves up in competition with hairdressers to get the most groany puns. Fuzzibunz is the least of it. Anything with bum, bots and probably from North America, heiney, is par for the course. Then there is the cute and cuddly of baby, bambino, kissy kiss, ooochy coochy, fluffy wuffy and so on. Surely in time the confusing variety of brands will be pared down and only the most popular remain, making life one molecule easier for bewildered ladies asking Bamboo? Really? Or fleece? In a pocket? Can you just tell me what to choose? No I don’t give a bugger what colour they are, just put them in a bag. No bags. Oh forget it.

Due to my parents’ kindness in bringing us sackloads of veggies from Walthamstow market, I’ve got about 5kg of cooked beetroot in my fridge going slowly senile. Might have to make a beetroot based chocolate cake from a recipe in the Guardian out of sheer panic.

New password not here yet.

Rose ate some yoghurt with specially large lumps of banana in it causing the liquid parts to leak out between the lumps, leading to a very amusing simulation of an avalanche down her chin.

Still no password. I’m going to put some recylable plastic in the wheelie bin every hour it doesn’t arrive. Blackmail yes, but in a good cause.

I just wrote the title of this post, how great is Bum-bling as a pun for a diamante-encrusted re-usable nappy for the offspring of WAGs and popstar mummies?


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