Streetfighting baby

Rose has a shoebox of treasures, things like a raffia mat, a stone and a funny little wooden brush. She was investigating it by dipping her whole head in the box, and when she came back up triumphantly waving a Fisher Price farm person she looked exactly like David Attenborough meeting the gorillas. That was when he still had floppy blonde hair. She had just the same look of intrepid delight on her face, and went over sideways just like he did when shoved by an ape.

I keep going into Rose’s room to find her standing up in her cot. She hasn’t slept an awful lot today because she now has far more interesting things to do in her cot than sleep. I had to lie her down three or four times this morning, and during her after lunch nap too. I had to have a little lie down during her pre-supper snooze at 4 due to all that going up and down stairs.

Her eye is still red all round. Trying to get the ointment into her eye is so hard, she is really strong and it always turns into a full on wrestling match. This morning I had her pinned to the ground and she kicked me in the breasts. It must be because we put her in hoodies all the time. She is going all asbo on us.


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