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Rose showed us she could crawl forward last week but since then has been taking a break. Today she crawled around the front room several time, tried to swing on the door (NO!), climb up the telly (You want to watch This Morning? Who am I to stop you) and get into my breakfast. We shared, I had to lick the peanut butter off the crust because a bit superstitious about allergies.

We saw a few bits of Peppa Pig, all the characters have faces like hairdryers but I like the style of the drawing. Then there was Thomas and his Friends – I was astounded to see that one of his friends is a Girl Train, but the rest are all boys with English names like Colin. So where are his friends Jamal and Latisha? In the East London depot? There is something called something like ‘Mio miu’ or something which is an Italian claymation thing about 2 cats which is a commplete and utter rip off of Morph. Good modelling though. The voice over sounded a bit like Derek Griffiths which could only be a good thing. Then there was Pocoyo with Steven Fry’s voice. Slightly strange cgi animation which is made to look a bit like claymation.

We have started to get more organised and give Rose breakfast a bit earlier. The day lasts even longer and I can achieve more housework, hooray. Already hoovered tidied kitchen and hung up washing. Must get on those cupboards won’t clean themselves.

I ‘won’ those nappies off the auction site but the vendor says she put the wrong Paypal details in so my payment has gone to someone else. Numpty.


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