Bugged by a pink buggy

We’ve got a new outward bound baby carrier, Jason carried Rose around while cooking her dinner and she loved it. Great access to daddy’s head for beating and glasses for breaking. Nice lady from our antenatal group had one going spare and we got it for £40 so bargain. Also did emergency trip to Mothercare on Sat and bought emergency playpen, and as we were there, a lightweight buggy which is ace and a particularly juicy pink. Jason was muttering ‘Raspberry isn’t bright pink, it’s sort of red’ all the way home. We didn’t see the actual colour til we got the buggy out of the box after paying for it and then it was too late, Jason was condemmed to pushing a very girly buggy. There are worse out there, ones coated in hearts and Barbies and the like. So it could have been worse.

The playpen takes up literally the entire front room, and I’m using literally in the literally literal sense there. I had a little lie down in it and it’s really quite comfortable. Rose likes it too.

Did some house cleaning this afternoon and now my eyes itch. I knew it was safer to leave the dirt in situ, now it’s all disturbed and likely to be dangerous.


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