Ten minutes til lasagne ready

While pasta is cooking: went to play group today, hired a revolting baby walker from the toy library. It has wheels that allow babies to fall over easily, and all down the front it is covered in buttons that release terrible american voices and bleeping noises when you press them. Vomit! Vomit! Rose has been not herself today, most likely cause is teething pains. She has been very cryey which is unlike her, also sleepy and burpy. You can see two gigantic teeth coming down either side of the top front two. They look practically adult size. Must be painful.

Lasagna eaten. Back at computer.

Me and Jason have had Discussions about whether it’s ok to let Rose mess around with her food. All the books I have read say it is a Good Thing for Child Development. Jason is worried about the clearing up. I pointed out that I do most of the clearing up. Jason pointed out that he had just wiped down the high chair. This went on for several minutes until Jason had to leave for work. We have got some new long sleeve apron/bibs which will make it easier (for me) to clear up after Rose has stirred the porridge with her fingers.

J from my antenatal group happened to mention this issue on Monday, she said she encourages her little boy to play with his food because one of his small relatives is aged 3 and only eats sausage rolls and crisps. The reason for this being, he was not allowed to touch his food during baby mealtimes and as a result is scared of food. I can’t help feeling there must be more to it than that. I mean in how many households will they offer a child deep fried snacks just because he refuses his vegetables? Admittedly we watched Freaky Eaters the other night featuring a young man who eats nothing but chips, so obviously it does happen, but not in the vast majority of families. And there is bound to be something you do that causes deep seated traumas without you realising it at the time, such as insisting your child always turns their socks the right way out so they don’t rub, and then they grow up scared of fields of cabbages. You can’t think of everything in advance can you.


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