Finally took Rose swimming last week. It has been causing me guilt and certain comments from Jason that I haven’t been before. It was fun overall, and her pink gingham cossie is very fetching. I made a tactical error by not dragging the buggy in the leisure centre with me – it is not so much that it’s difficult to dry and change a baby after a swim, it’s that once you have done so, you then don’t have enough hands to hold baby on the seat while dressing yourself. I just put clothes on over we swimsuit in the end, slightly marshy. We went to a mother and baby lesson in the small pool which is only four feet deep. The teacher was violently enthiastic, encouraging us to be quite physical and swing the babies up and around, splash them in and dunk them under. She called all the women mum which was strange. Rose did seem to enjoy it particularly the company of lots of other babies in the pool.

Yesterday was mothers day and to mark the occasion I took part in a 10k race. All went well, Jason carried Rose around in our new back pack and she fell asleep very cutely with her nose pressed against the ‘sleep cushion’. I got in just under an hour. There was a guy at the beginning who was quite overweight and was blowing like a whale after only a few hundred metres. I had to get away from him as it was so painful to hear.

No actual card flowers or chocolate from Rose c/o Jason. Yes I was upset though we had a lovely day and Jason has brought me more than my fair share of cups of tea in bed in the last year.



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