New things…

that Rose is doing include the following:

a) Inventing a strange game for herself involving wet laundry: I sat her next to basket of wet clothes and she took out a single sock, then spent ten minutes tossing it from one hand to the other then swivelling a quarter turn, repeated until she had worn a hole in the tiles.

b) Using pointing in two ways; 1 – to say ‘I am looking at that’ and 2 – to say ‘Give me that now! Now, you cur! You have defied me once too often. Give her a hundred lashes!’ (translated from the grunting) while going purple in the face.

c) Related to b) she is having little baby tantrums; if she tries to get something she shouldn’t like a dirty shoe and you try to take her away from it, she sometimes arches her back and goes stiff as a board. The only cure for the subsequent outburst is to present her with a cat, whereupon the sun comes out and all is forgiven (more likely just forgotten).

d) Related to b) and c), she is testing her boundaries all the time: there are a few things downstairs that we won’t let her touch such as doors, bookshelves, dustbin, electric wires. Yesterday afternoon she spent about half an hour crawling round and round the downstairs touching every single thing she isn’t supposed to touch, with me trailing behind going ‘No. No. No’ and taking things off her or her off things. My efforts to distract her by offering flashing annoying flashy light baby toys such as the walker thing are ignored. Still it passes the time.

e) When the music plays on the revolting baby walker she can clap her hands in time to the music. I am very excited about this!

f) Though not strictly something she does, her eye which is usually gunky all the time due to a blocked tear duct has looked pretty clear for a couple of days now. I can detect a tiny bit of green there today but still hopeful it has cleared up to a large extent.

g) Weighs just under 20 lb or 9 kg. That’s the 50th centile for those interested.

i) Makes a happy squeaking noise when doing something enjoyable or slightly naughty making it easy to detect when she is up to something even if she is doing it with her back to you.

Yesterday went to the Picasso exhibition with mum and dad, Rose slept through the whole thing. Last night I set up my mass catering unit in the kitchen and made four baby dinners at the same time as well as my own.

It took half a pack of Nappisan to get rid of the horrid ammonia smell but finally got the second hand nappies clean and now using them on Rose. She can poo under the liner, will have to work on that. Maybe staples.

Remarkably I read on the bbc website today that new research says it is never to late to get your wife a bunch of flowers even if you missed your chance on mother’s day.


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