Wish you were here

Bonjour, a postcard from my own personal laptop. I’ve had it for ages but the network card refused to work until I took it into a computer repair shop whereupon it worked perfectly, making me look a total fool. The nice man in the shop didn’t charge me anything at all which must be partly due to Rose being twinkly in her buggy. Or he may just have felt sorry for me. Either is fine.

We went for a magnificent lunch on Friday, leaving Rose with my parents and rocking out to Mayfair to dine among the rich and famous at Corrigans. Oo it were lovely. The set menu was short but sexy and includes wine – 250 ml which is one pub glass or two non-binge glasses. First we had celeriac soup with a wee dab of fois gras mousse (I don’t normally go for tortured goose but must have left my conscience on the tube with the Metro. It was only a tiny bit anyway) (so you see the goose won’t miss it). Then we had a teensy square of cod which was from a muscly specimen, juicy and flavoursome with a few pickled girolles and muscatel grapes rolling round the plate in a drunken manner. It was totally delicious. Small though. I got a side order of chips, and they were top class, beefy with significant crunch. When I tipped them onto the plate they towered over the piece of fish like a young rugby player standing over his 85 year old grandmother. This seems wrong somehow.

We went a la carte for afters: my rhubarb souffle came with divine vanilla sauce and some potent ginger icecream. When you get a souffle at these joints they can never hand it over without poking a hole in the crust and pouring something in. This can be quite erotic. I’ve had to look away before now. Jason had a plate of cheeses from the British isles plus a walnutty glass of tawny port.

You don’t get amuse bouches by the cartload which often adds to the fun, but we still managed to stretch three courses out over three hours. We staggered out at about four with the invincible feeling you get after drinking high class booze and eating superior food. Nice atmosphere too, lovely easy going staff, and no show off business lunchers though that could be just the credit crunch.

Just realised, now we have a computer each, we can just read each others’ blogs instead of talking. We could facebook each other except I’m not on it.


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