Nursery slopes

Rose had her first settling in session at nursery this morning. I spent the evening filling in the application form getting angrier and angrier every time I had to date, write name and sign because they made you do it about FIVE TIMES ON EVERY PAGE. Like it’s more legal if you sign it more? Surely handing over my only child and two thirds of my after tax income is a sure sign of commitment?

I was a bit concerned when I tasted the food at lunchtime- it’s home made and delicious. But it tasted a bit salty to me, even though the cook proudly said that she never uses any salt. But she did say she uses ‘All purpose seasoning’ so I looked at the ingredients at Sainsburies and it is mostly salt. Also she made some gravy which seemed to be made with normal gravy powder, ie mostly salt. Obviously none of the children at the nursery are keeling over due to salt poisoning but I noticed Rose drank quite a bit of water after her meal and assumed it was because the salt made her thirsty. Which may be right, or may not be. Anyhow I’m going to make myself unpopular at the nursery tomorrow by asking for an audit of condiments. I ain’t no health food fascist but salt is one of those things children don’t need much of and everybody says avoid. So let’s avoid shall we people?

Stupid forms aside this morning was fine. Everyone, staff and children, at nursery had a cold including Rose. But she has hers bigger and better; she was expelling three inch green snot streamers from her nose this morning. Three inches. Yes. She is a little bit poorly and not eating very much. She snuffles like a hippo when drinking her milk. Also still teething madly and the dribbling is just out of control, sheets of saliva, rivers of it, all the time. The pain is waking her up at night and therefore us.

She climbed the entire staircase yesterday, it is a very slow way of chasing the cat and the cat escapes every time. This morning in the front room she forgot to hold on to anything and stood by herself for about 2 seconds. So this is very exciting!

I would just like to say that me and jason have just had a two minute discussion about why it is so great (or ‘pointless’) that the new i-phone can act as a spirit level.

I’m hoping to join the Lewisham hospital maternity services user group after meeting with the maternity ward managers last week, to talk about the things that went on when Rose was born. Such as no food being available and being told to get a pizza, also being told off for having a screaming baby at 4 in the morning while delirious with epidurals, lack of food, lack of sleep and trying to breastfeed without the use of my legs (you need legs to go and get the baby see). Anyhow the manager person was very sweet and when I said I was practically a professional complainer she said they call us ‘proactive users’. So diplomatic. Hope I can take part in the user group and help make things a bit nicer for women in the future.

Can’t wait for the next two weeks to be out of the way as sending Rose to nursery is making me a lot more psycho than I ever would have thought. Turns out I was in total denial.


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