I forgot to take the baby walker back to the toy library so hung it over the buggy handles and took it back to the children’s centre. There was an elderly West Indian couple waiting for a bus in Sydenham and the man had a full size cuddly tiger jammed into a big carrier bag with the head tail and back paws all sticking out. I assume they were on their way to see a child, hope they don’t scare easy because that tiger was HUGE.

Rose had an hour and a half at nursery without me today. When I came to pick her up she spotted me through the glass doors, pointed at me accusingly, turned red and burst into tears. Apparently she didn’t cry all the time I was away, and it was only when I reappeared that she remembered she had a beef with me. I think she had fun though and apparently ate lots of tuna pasta. I think she will get on with learning to feed herself through copying the other children and being helped by the childminders.

There is a programme on tv where a group of young single parents are in a big house together and they are trying to persuade them the the answer to their confidence issues is going naked for a photoshoot. There are far too many shows currently promoting the view that taking your clothes off on telly will make you complete as a person. This is strange.


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