Return of the food police

Trousers ironed, ready for work tomorrow. Obviously not ready of course. I’ll be even more crumpled than my trousers (not very good ironer).

I can report that the nursery is indeed going to review their condiments cupboard owing to my complaining about the suspiciously salty shepherd’s pie. Turns out the cook didn’t realise that her all-purpose seasoning was mostly salt. I took in a couple of printouts from the government ‘Salt is bad for you’ website. God they must hate me. Still I’d rather be hated than let my baby consume vast quantities of hidden salt.

I reported this whole thing to K, mother of another 10 month old, expecting her to recoil in horror at stories of babies eating packet gravy, but she looked totally blank. So. I never used to be this manic about salt but when you realise a child under two shouldn’t have more than 2 grams of salt at the most, and how much they get through their basic diet, it’s not a great time in their life to be treating them to salty snacks. I’m going on aren’t I.

Had a hair cut yesterday and finally gave in to having my hair straightened, I’ve secretly been dying to try it for years. Mixed feelings about the result – it’s great being transformed and thinking ‘who’s that slinky lady in the shop window? Me again!’. But the fringe is a nightmare! It is really hard to do something practical that requires vision, such as washing the floor, when you are blind on the left side thanks to a pointy bit of fringe constantly stabbing you in the eye. Fine for those ladies who go on tv chat shows and keep lifting their side hair up off the face using their thumbs – how annoying is that by the way? Naturally cleaning the floor, or even being able to see, isn’t a consideration for them. Jason liked it though. Rose stared at me for ages and drooled but that is probably the teething. I actually felt quite grownup for a bit, mostly on the bus home. Maybe I will try it again another time when called upon to be glamorous. Not for a morning’s cleaning.

Topical joke: where does Amy Winehouse live? High Barnet.

I think Rose might have said ‘cat’ yesterday, it was a sort of ‘K-‘ noise, while looking at a cat. Also she has just starting saying ‘mumumumum’ when coming towards me! This is definitely progress. She still says ‘dadadada’ to everything else that she likes, including flowers, cats, Jason, food.


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