Args catalogue

Where to begin… woke up tired, went for a run this morning, so sleepy that I tried running with my eyes shut. This sort of works, provided you open them at regular intervals.

We stayed at my parents’ last night for Pesach. Jason went to work and I drove home. I found the cat in the bedroom. When I went for a lie down a bit later, I felt a dampness on my arse and realised she had weed on the duvet. I stumbled out of the house to go to the supermarket and just as I was strapping Rose into her seat I realised she had done a poo. Went back in to sort her out. While coming back in, folded up buggy forgetting I had put some cans of beer in the shopping basket. This is not for my new career as a street drinker. It was to transport the beer back to the house. Anyway when I folded the buggy, one of the cans burst all over me and the doormat. Finally got to sainsburys smelling of cat wee and beer, and Rose covered in lunch yoghurt and milk with bread in her hair. So looked and smelled like street drinking mother with baby dodging social workers. Bought a lot of chocolate and cake.

Jason left the new duvet (and jeans and jumper) on the train home. Tonight we are sleeping in a big sleeping bag so it will be just like camping, with the dampness and smell of wild animals. Luckily the carpet shampoo seems to have got the worst smell out of the matress, and we turned it over. The soonest we can get our stuff back from Lost Property at Victoria station will be next Tuesday. I hope I’m wrong, but I imagine that the train staff see left-behind shopping as one of the few perks of the job. I know I would if it was me.


One response to “Args catalogue

  1. Oh cripes, sounds like you did have a day of it! Our biggest surprise was B offering a poo smeared finger that she’d pulled fresh out of her nappy – not a fraction as amusing as your catalogue of events though…

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