Happy Easter bunnies

After the despair of Thursday we escaped the house at 7.30 am Friday morning to stay at V and Ss place near Lowestoft. It was so great, just leaving London I felt a weight lift. We had such a great time. It was fantastically sunny and gorgeous, lovely spring weather. The tulips were out, the grass was green, the sky was blue. We went to Southwold to fossick round on the beach, fed Rose shop bought baby food, had a couple of very average tea and cakes at chintzy teashops and generally did the seaside thing. I now feel totally rejuvenated and nearly ready to go back to work tomorrow. I buried Rose’s feet in the sand, in years to come it will be her burying us in the sand I suppose.

Perhaps because of all the stimulating sea air, yesterday Rose stood up for the first time. She can stand for several seconds without holding on to anything, before she seems to realise what she’s doing and sits down in surprise to a round of applause from mum and dad. I think we will still be applauding her for standing up when she is twenty.

She is very keen on feeding herself using her fingers to pick up food particularly if it is squishy, like I fed her an entire avocado today piece by piece. Is too much avocado bad for babies? She liked the chocolate buttons out of her easter egg, she nearly bit my finger off when I tried to put one in her mouth. Grrrf.


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