The elephant not in the room

I forgot to take Rose’s fluffy elephant with us when we went to stay over at my parents’ at the weekend. Rose is very elephant-dependent and likes to suck its grotty tail while dropping off to sleep, she likes the taste of bacteria to help her off to dreamland. Wonder if it will make her buck toothed. At bedtime on Sunday I tried to use a small knitted teddy as a decoy. Initially she took the bait, and sank her teeth into it in quite a promising way. However when I laid her down to sleep she took it out of her mouth, gazed at it in complete horror, looked at me, back at the teddy, back at me, while shock disgust and incredulity displayed themselves on her face in rapid succession. Somehow I sensed things weren’t going to go well as I shut the door. Luckily Jason turned up from his marathon training run a bit later and took responsibility for leaving her to cry til she fell asleep. Which she did. I just don’t like that bit, I dither around next to the cot before leaving the room, going back, tidying up a bit, leaving again etc.

Took the day off today because feeling a bit shit. I felt guilty just telling them I was ill, just because anyone with the slightest sniffle is a suspected carrier of swine flu. I therefore had to go into my symptoms in great detail as you would if you were making them up for a sickie. However I would like to put it on record that it definitely was not a sickie and I spent the entire day in bed only getting up for a snack and to send a complaining email to Southern trains for the egregious closure of the London platform gate with no prior warning. I am sure our complaint will be read by some train company employee who spent the night wrapped up in the duvet Jason left on the train the other week and is dressed in the jeans and jumper from the same bag of shopping.


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